All Clean Pressure Cleaning have perfected the art of house washing using a range of techniques (soft hand washing, water brooming, low & high pressure cleaning,. If you're looking the highest of quality and care taken, you have found us.

On a weekly basis we are asked to wash houses in preparation for painting. Once the house has been washed by one of our team members, our customers can't believe the difference it does make then they cancel the painter. When we wash your house it is the next best thing to a paint job - the house will look as good as the paint will allow it. Our techniques remove mould, mildew, spider webs, dirt, grime & wasps nests.

Washing your house is an crucial task in presenting it to the real estate market at it's best. Often we have seen a few hundred dollars spent on house washing, roof cleaning, or concrete cleaning increase the selling price of a house by thousands of dollars guaranteed.

It is also very important to regularly clean your house to prevent build up of mould and grime to protect your investment and keep it looking new.

All Clean Pressure Cleaning prides itself on quality customer service while maintaining value for money. We have an advantage over our competitors due to experience and high quality standards we apply to every job.

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